emergency enhanced geographic information system for schools

In omnia paratus.
“Prepared in all things.”

What is Layers & LegendsSM?

Layers & LegendsSM state-of-the-art technology provides for the sharing of critical information through one easy-to-use platform on your computer or laptop – with school administrators, resource officers, local and state fire and police, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This is known as a “common operating picture” which is viewed on a map.

The technology identifies critical assets throughout your facility:

  • entrances and exits
  • door access controls
  • windows
  • metal detectors
  • panic buttons
  • security cameras

When breached, an alarm is triggered, and the map will automatically display its location and any specific information it is sending. In addition, the technology can interface with both indoor and outdoor shooter detection systems and biometrics (facial recognition) for a proactive response.

Layers & Legends provides responding agencies with the ability to rapidly identify active threats and hazards – en route and at the scene. This helps maximize response efforts and most importantly, helps save lives and minimize property damage.

Take the first step and bring enhanced safety and security to your school.

Questions About Layers & LegendsSM


The initial investment for a conversion of a floor plan (one building) to the siteLegends interactive map starts at $1,195 – contact us today to discuss how Layers & Legends can make your facility safer. 1.866.952.9377

The option for on-line or on-site training.

You can choose which information to share, and with whom. The only users that will see your data are the agencies with which you have an agreement in place.

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