emergency enhanced geographic information system for campuses

In omnia paratus.
“Prepared in all things.”

Layers & LegendsSM and Campus Safety

Layers & LegendsSM provides a simple and intuitive way to view an entire campus with campusLegendsSM and can converge to a specific in-building floor plan and its critical assets with siteLegendsSM.

The platform identifies buildings by name or by function, campus addresses and streets, locations of emergency call boxes and other designated areas – all of which often do not appear in public mapping applications such as Google Maps, or even proprietary systems used by police and fire. Yet this nomenclature may be the only way a caller has to identify where the emergency is. Layers & LegendsSM emergency enhanced geographic information system provides the capability to use multiple identifiers to point to a single location or resource where and when an event occurs.

The platform shows detailed interior floor plans that identify hazards, and the location of on-campus resources that are readily available to first responders and campus safety personnel, e.g., door locks and sensors, metal detectors, video surveillance, gunshot detectors, fire hydrants and underground utilities.

The resounding gaps identified in Public Safety Commission Reports regarding incidents which have taken place on campuses are addressed with the Layers & Legends emergency enhanced geographic information system as follows, but not limited to:

  • information sharing with fire and police for rapid response to an emergency
  • a “common operating picture” for a coordinated response when multiple agencies are dispatched to an incident
  • unified command and control at the scene upon arrival
  • campus floor plans, policies and procedures, and multiagency pre-planning can be integrated with live video monitoring capabilities accessible to 1st responders and facility personnel

Investing in our location-based geographic information system will enhance your existing technologies to help create a safer environment.

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The initial investment for a conversion of a floor plan (one building) to the siteLegends interactive map starts at $1,195 – contact us today to discuss how Layers & Legends can make your facility safer. 1.866.952.9377

The option for on-line or on-site training.

You can choose which information to share, and with whom. The only users that will see your data are the agencies with which you have an agreement in place.

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