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What We Do

Layers & LegendsSM and digitized critical building information

Layers & LegendsSM gives you the ability to personalize, track, store and share vital information. Managing the many assets in a large facility can be difficult – especially if the information is stored in multiple formats and places (such as three-ring binders, spreadsheets, separate software applications, or all of the above). This data retrieval issue becomes even more crucial when you need to share this information with administrators, maintenance personnel, utility companies, and most importantly, first-responders. No matter how familiar you and your staff are with your environment – when an incident takes place, those responding to an emergency situation need accurate data – and they need it fast.

The platforms’ intuitive interface is user friendly. Simply click on the corresponding icon for more information, pan, and zoom as you would on Google maps.

With Layers & LegendsSM software, you can quickly find important information such as:

  • the date of the last time you checked your camera system
  • the location of fire extinguishers and when they were last serviced
  • the location of smoke detectors and when they were last checked
  • the location of alarm systems, as well as the last time they were tested

Our Process


If you can provide us with an accurate floor plan of your building along with the location of assets (we will send you a complete list of what should be identified) - we will convert your floor plan into a dynamic visual interactive gis platform, or we can come to you and build that information for you.


We will work with you to identify critical assets including your Emergency Action Plan, Material Data Sheets, and any other situational awareness information needed to make your infrastructure safer and smarter.


With Layers & LegendsSM technology, your facility will then be ready to share information with administrators, resource officers, local and state fire and police.

Questions About Layers & LegendsSM


The initial investment for a conversion of a floor plan (one building) to the siteLegends interactive map starts at $1,195 – contact us today to discuss how Layers & Legends can make your facility safer. 1.866.952.9377

The option for on-line or on-site training.

You can choose which information to share, and with whom. The only users that will see your data are the agencies with which you have an agreement in place.

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